The Thunder Experience


Thunder offer an end-to-end service and clients can speak directly with our in-house team and pilots. Andrew Devoy (Head of Sales) has spent years in the private aviation industry, delivering first-class experiences for a global client base. If you have any questions, want to discuss bespoke helicopter trips or private jet travel please get in touch.


Best in class

Thunder own the largest private fleet of Agusta (109 & 119KX) helicopters in the UK. Delivered in 2020 the fleet carry a distinctive numbered livery, custom designed by the owners. Our pilots are primarily from a specialist cadre of ex-military backgrounds, each with multiple thousand-hour logbooks, day and night, at home and overseas.

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Taking you further

Gain a new perspective with Thunder’s unrivalled access to headline events, remote destinations and exclusive brand partners. Our pilots are well versed in flying to remote, off-grid lands as well as popular lifestyle & business destinations and hubs.

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Bespoke Helicopter Trips

From adventure safaris around the Scottish Highlands & the fjords of Norway. To iconic sporting events & private-site landings. Thunder can deliver it all. Personalised to you.

With unique access to 4 Agusta helicopters and full time pilots we are perfectly positioned to deliver one-off, bespoke charters. Let us know where you want to go or what your trip of a life-time entails....


Private Jet Travel

Thunder have access to a broad range of private jets, from Turboprops to VIP Airliners. If you are in need of long range private aviation travel please speak directly to our Head of Sales, Andrew Devoy and we will be able to assist.


THG / ECO (Sustainability)

Thunder work in partnership with THG / Eco.

For every charter flown by Thunder, THG Eco facilitate the purchase of carbon credits to offset the carbon emitted from each flight. The carbon credits sourced through THG Eco are obtained from the highest quality Carbon Credit Standards with robust audit requirements, accessing projects on a global scale. THG Eco execute the carbon retirement on behalf of Thunder to monitor when and where those credits are used for Thunder’s offsetting purposes.

For further information on Thunder and how we off-set our flying, please get in touch.